Come Meet our Friendly Staff

Latitudes Adventure prides itself on having a staff that loves travel and knows Costa Rica very well.  We want to create the kind of vacation experience for you that we would want to have.  Below, we share why we love what we do.

Geoff Brewer
Owner/Sales Manager
From the Pacific Northwest of the US

“I love travel. I love going places and I love helping others experience new things, places, cultures and food.”

Isaac Garcia
Owner/Travel Manager
From Costa Rica

“I have lived, proudly, all my life in Costa Rica…” 

“I love living in Costa Rica. There is so much beauty and opportunities to have a very pleasant life, the “Pura Vida vibe.” People in Costa Rica are warm and very human, there is always a very loving attitude in our culture. That is just how we are. We hug, we kiss each other, we share our essence.  This may be due to the fact that we were raised in a culture of peace, as there is no army in Costa Rica, we just don´t know what that is, we don´t understand it.”

“Along with our great human culture coexists the natural beauty of our land. With 13 different micro climates in such a small piece of land, we have volcanoes, rain and dry forests, the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, endless beaches and an infinite wildlife worth experiencing. Here we have beaches where deep jungle literally meets the sand and you can see the monkeys playing on it.”  

“Costa Rica is a real blessing for this world and our job is to facilitate a smooth vacation process, where you visit the best places, our goal is to make sure you have a beautiful experience. We´re here to take care of you.  There is nothing that makes me more happy than to hear our clients sharing what a wonderful vacation they had. I always tell them: “You have been cursed by Costa Rica. Once you have visited the country, you will be back.”

Ray Reynolds
Travel Consultant
From Kentucky in the US

“My job at Latitudes is sales and customer support, designing itineraries for clients and being their contact here in Costa Rica.”

“I love the family atmosphere at Latitudes and how we work as a team.  I love to provide my clients with the best experience possible in Costa Rica and share with them why I love being part of this amazing country.”

Jessica Rojas Jimenez
Travel Consultant
From San Jose, Costa Rica

“I love working at Latitudes since I feel like home, and we are all a family. Love being a travel consultant, so I can show part of the beauty of my country to others and get in touch with people from different countries and different cultures.”

Mauricio Brenes
Accounting Manager
From San Jose, Costa Rica

“I like Latitudes because the environment in which I work is very nice, and there is peace and there is good communication between partners, which motivates me to do good work.” 

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